Articles and book chapters

Our project ouputs published so far include:

M-C. Newbould, ‘“Whose pictur’d Morals charm the Mind / And through the Eye correct the Heart”: Re-writing the pictorial narrative of A Harlot’s Progress’, in Neo-Georgian Fiction: Reimagining the Eighteenth Century in the Contemporary Historical Novel, ed. Jakub Lipski and Joanna Maciulewicz (London: Routledge, 2021), pp. 61-79.

Jakub Lipski, “Meta-pictorial discourse and the early theory of the novel in eighteenth-century Britain”, Word & Image, 37.4, 2021, pp. 383-389.

Jakub Lipski, Two Satyrs Against Travelling: The Arts and the Grand Tour in Peregrine Pickle, Vol. 2, and Tristram Shandy, Vol. 7, The Shandean, 33, 2022, pp. 133-147.

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